7 de noviembre de 2016

I don't know what's happening. I'm feeling so weird lately and i don't know what's wrong.
It's like i'm going to have another breakdown and no, i don't want that. I don't want to feel like that ever again but i don't know how to stop it. I don't know what to do.

24 de junio de 2016

June 24


Aaaahh this day.
Four years ago, on June 23, i had a birthday party (not mine btw, it was from my friend "L", let's call her like that haha).
And i was there with my best friend ("D") and suddenly we both started feeling horrible and almost started crying. Both of us had been dumped by our ex-boyfriends like... a week ago   ?? (can't remember).
The thing is, i met another guy ("M") some days before that party and we started being friends and he invited me to his birthday party that same day and i remember i said i couldn't go because i had another birthday party (L's party). I think he was sad because i couldn't go (yeah he was).

The thing is, i was feeling really sad because the day before that party i discovered that my ex-boyfriend had found a new girlfriend like... 2 weeks after we broke up (yeah i know wtf). Aaand my best friend (D) was in almost the same situation lol. So we went to our houses early and i remember that i entered to my room, i laid down in my bed and started crying like a baby. I was so sad.

The moment i started crying my phone started to ring, it was a phone call from my friend "M". I wasn't going to pick up because my voice was a mess and i couldn't stop crying but i picked up anyway and we started talking. He was worried about me because he didn't want me to feel that sad so he said he would come pick me up the next day (June 24) to distract me from everything that was happening to me.

I was like "wtf with this guy? why is he so nice to me? i don't get it ? ? ? ?" Anyway, i said yes.

The next day, he came to pick me up to my house and my neighbor's dog almost kill him hahaha (i saved him).

He took me out for a walk and we walked and talked for like... two hours or so. After that he took me to his house and guess what, HIS WHOLE FAMILY WAS THERE AND I WAS LIKE "H-H-H-H-HI". And his brother (the kid was like... 8 that time) said "Is she M's new girlfriend?" and we were like "OH FUCK".

We went to his room, his mom gave us birthday cake (from M's birthday) and i spended the afternoon eating cake while he played some music to me with his bass. I felt so good, idk why, i just felt that someone cared about me and that feeling is really warm and nice.

I went home at 9 pm or so, he accompanied me to my house, he gave me a kiss on my cheek, he said something like "see you, take care" and he leave. I entered my house and five minutes later he was sending me text messages because he was already missing me.

Three days after that he asked me to be his girlfriend, and i said "yes".

Four years after that (today) i'm counting the days for my fourth years anniversary with Mateo. The best part about this is that we still love each other like the first day.

11 de enero de 2016

 It's late, i'm sleepy, but i will not sleep.

You know what? I don't believe in god, i don't believe in heaven. I don't believe in hell.
But if heaven and hell exist, i'm going straight to hell.
I have sin. I did horrible things in my short life. And i'm not talking about the bubblegum I stole from the supermarket when i was five. I'm talking about real things. Things that you can't even imagine. Things I don't want to remember. That huge fear, that horrible pain, that creepy relief. That day.

The creepiest part about this is that I don't regret what I did. Or at least I don't want to see I actually regret it.

To lose your current life style? Or to kill your obstacle? In order to keep living the way you have always lived...

I could enter hell and unthrone Satan like "Hey Lucy get the hell out of my throne!"

8 de diciembre de 2015

 The Road - Tenacious D
 sleepy, my head hurts

"El tiempo se acaba, hermano dijo en voz baja, con el pesar
grabado en sus nobles rasgos.
      Lucifer ladeó la cabeza, controlando su respiración.
     —Ofrece arrepentimiento con una mano, pero con la otra busca

mi destrucción. —Una expresión de repulsa apareció en los
ojos de Lucifer—. Nuestro Padre es malicioso.
     —Lo que tu digas, Lucifer. —Miguel le dirigió una mirada 
súbitamente feroz—. Tu descarada iniquidad te afecta el juicio.
     —Igual que tu desvergonzada ingenuidad afecta el tuyo —replicó
con desprecio Lucifer."

"El primer Juicio"
Wendy Alec
Prólogo - pág 22. 

10 de agosto de 2015

 black tea ugh
 Dude (I totally miss you) - Tenacious D

The road is fuckin' hard,
It's also really fuckin' tough,
There's no question that
It don't take no guff.
The road is a be-a-itch my friend
But it's the only fuckin' road I know

8 de junio de 2015

 mosca's tecnow music

1) 11/11                                                                                                   21) yup
2) 1.53                                                                                                     22) yup
3) Light Brown                                                                                      23) yup
4) Green                                                                                                  24) ......yup?
5) ayayayay Tenacious D                                                                   25) yeah
6) Lagomar - Canelones - Uruguay                                                    26) nah
7) Europa - SNSD                                                                                  27) Oh yes xDD
8) Mikaela Rodríguez                                                                           28) Yes /o/
9) idk                                                                                                       29) I'm in love
10) All that I've got - The Used                                                          30) Like a million times
11) ...                                                                                                       31) Yeah.
12) takenn                                                                                              32) No
13) I don't even know xD                                                                     33) yeass
14) insect                                                                                                34) duh, of course i can
15) ah?                                                                                                    35) no
16) 20                                                                                                      36) nah xD
17) My boyfriend, phone.                                                                   37) yessss
18) Tokyoooo                                                                                       38) dafuk is a handstand?
19) Cat
20) Mei Mei

6 de junio de 2015

to un-explain the unforgivable, 
drain all the blood and give the kids a show. 
by streetlight this dark night, 
a séance down below. 
there're things that I have done, 
you never should ever know